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Ukrainian deeptech Zibra AI raises $500k from a16z Speedrun AIN Capital

As a signal of the demand for personalized story-telling, D&D today has never been more popular, with digital and analog products hitting record sales numbers. For example, an AI could help generate unique weapons and armor available Yakov Livshits only to players who complete a specific quest. Azra Games has built an AI-powered asset pipeline to quickly concept and generate a vast library of in-game items and world objects, paving the way for more varied playthroughs.

Early research has found that chatbots can be effective in treating mental health. Products like Woebot and Wysa have demonstrated clinically validated results and have received FDA designations for efficacy in treating conditions like postpartum depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. In a time when more than 25% of adults suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition and we’re experiencing a nationwide shortage of therapists, chatbots may be a feasible solution for non-acute cases. Finally, AI can help us connect with people who are no longer around or available. Have you ever wished you could hear one more story from a family member who has passed away, or that you could get a piece of advice from someone you haven’t spoken with in years?

Generative AI and Foundation Models

The duo met in 2011 at Microsoft, where they set up Microsoft Venture together. Sood left Microsoft for a new game venture, while Raskino started a venture fund in 2014. These are the actual generative AI products you use to do things more efficiently, be more creative, and improve decision-making. Andreessen Horowitz (known as “a16z”) is a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley specializing in investing in seed, start-ups, early, mid-stage, growth, and late stage. Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has released the code for AI Town, an open-source project that lets developers create their own AI-powered simulated world. After you’ve created your account, you will start the competition right away.

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AI Glossary.

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The actual risk of AI and inequality is not that AI will cause more inequality but rather that we will not allow AI to be used to reduce inequality. The cycle would repeat, driving consumer welfare, economic growth, and job and wage growth even higher. It would be a straight spiral up to a material utopia that neither Adam Smith or Karl Marx ever dared dream of. But, using the principles I described above, think of what it would mean for literally all existing human labor to be replaced by machines.

Legendary VC Firm Releases Must-Read Report on the Generative AI Market

A legendary VC firm published a deep dive into the generative AI market that’s required reading. CryptoSlate is a comprehensive and contextualized source for crypto news, insights, and data. In keeping with the open-source ethos, the a16z and Convex Dev team encourages the community to build more complex interactions on top of AI Town. A Pentalog account allows convenient access to our global price catalog featuring competitive prices for top software engineering and digital profiles. By understanding and addressing these challenges, businesses can successfully adopt generative AI and harness its full potential. Generative programming tools can be used to automate game testing, such as identifying bugs and glitches, and providing feedback on gameplay.

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A prolific businessman and investor, and the founder of several large companies in Israel, the USA and the UAE, Yakov’s corporation comprises over 2,000 employees all over the world. He graduated from the University of Oxford in the UK and Technion in Israel, before moving on to study complex systems science at NECSI in the USA. Yakov has a Masters in Software Development.

Across app companies we’ve spoken with, there’s a wide range of gross margins — as high as 90% in a few cases but more often as low as 50-60%, driven largely by the cost of model inference. Top-of-funnel growth has been amazing, but it’s unclear if current customer acquisition strategies will be scalable Yakov Livshits — we’re already seeing paid acquisition efficacy and retention start to tail off. Many apps are also relatively undifferentiated, since they rely on similar underlying AI models and haven’t discovered obvious network effects, or data/workflows, that are hard for competitors to duplicate.

Products that are purpose-built for specific use cases or workflows are growing alongside more generalist tools, and showing signs that they can also become successful companies. Excluding ChatGPT (which skews the data given OpenAI’s $11.3 billion raised), companies with a proprietary model have raised an average of $98 million. This compares to $20 million for companies that have fine-tuned an open-source model, and $9 million for “wrapper” companies. This list does not include app-only companies, and does not include activity happening within a Discord server. It’s been 9 months since ChatGPT was released and 7 months since it became the fastest consumer application to reach 100 million monthly active users, ushering in a new era of generative AI. Earlier this year, a16z led another Series A round for AI chatbot developer Character AI totaling $150 million, which included investments from Nat Friedman, Elad Gil, SV Angel, and A Capital.

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Generative AI and the broader synthetic media markets are getting attention right now at the application layer and the AI model layer. Lewis Rees is a journalist, author, and escape room enthusiast based in South Wales. However, as we explained in a recent op-ed piece…The post The Economic Case for Generative AI and Foundation Models appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. ‘In essence, participating in an acceleration program as an accomplished company offers a chance to rejuvenate, innovate, and expand your business horizons while benefiting from the startup-driven ecosystem’s dynamics,’ the CEO sums up. „We believe that everyone has the potential to be creative, but not everyone has the opportunity or the tools to express their creativity,” said Alice Chen, co-founder and CEO of Ideogram AI.


There has been academic research in the space for a while, including generative techniques for Minecraft or level design in Doom. Chris Anderson is famous for saying, “Every abundance creates a new scarcity.” As content becomes abundant, Yakov Livshits we believe it’s the artists who know how to work most collaboratively and effectively with the AI tools who will be in the most short supply. As you can see, the number of papers is growing exponentially, with no sign of slowing down.

  • Interoperability is also a theme that will emerge given the proliferation of consumer (and also B2B) payment options at checkout across wallets, BNPL, pay by bank, and more.
  • Generative AI in B2B applications needs to evolve beyond creating more content, to synthesis AI that enables us to do our work better and faster.
  • While there are some exceptions (e.g., companionship), for most categories there is less than a 2x gap—meaning the top company receives just double (or less) the number of visits as its next closest competitor.
  • Part of this effort will be up to marketing, but the company also needs to open up a new use case for consumers, solve a common friction point, or both (e.g., if Visa+ made it easier for gig workers to receive payment).